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Riverside County Department of Child Support Services
Problem Resolution

If you have an open child support case with the Riverside County Department of Child Support Services and are having a problem with your child support case, our office is here to help you. We have resources available to help you with your inquires or complaints. Most inquiries can be resolved quickly and informally.

If you do not have an open child support case with any local child support agency and your child support is processed through the State Disbursement Unit (SDU), an Administrative Review process is available to resolve any issues related to the collection and/or distribution of child support through the SDU. For more information or to file for an Administrative Review contact the SDU at (866) 249-0773 or click here.

An inquiry or dispute is made by custodial parties, noncustodial parents, employers, other agencies and the public prior to the filing of a complaint and must be responded to by our office within three (3) business days. For more information, please click on the Ombudsperson Program link.

An Account Balance Dispute is a dispute regarding the local child support agency’s financial account records including payments, charges, amounts owed to welfare and arrears balance. If you have a dispute regarding your account balances, please click on the Account Balance Disputes link below.

A complaint is an unresolved oral or written inquiry/dispute that is made within 90 days from the date the person knew, or should have known, about the subject of the complaint. For more information on the Complaint Resolution Process or to file a complaint, please click on the Complaint Resolution link.

Our office provides an Ombudsperson who is available to help you resolve issues with your child support case, explain your rights and responsibilities, and tell you the ways you can get child support services. The services are offered free of charge.

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