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Starting on October 27th, the California Department of Child Support Services Customer Connect system will be the exclusive way for you to contact the Riverside County Child Support office about your case. Customer Connect provides parents with 24 hour account access either online at www.childsup-connect.ca.gov or by telephone through the toll free Customer Connect number 1 (866) 901-3212. Your Customer Connect PIN number is your key to obtaining your account information. When the change to this system is made, calls to our current 800 number will then be routed to the new Customer-Connect system.

If Customer Connect ever experiences technical problems causing the system to be temporarily unavailable, and you are experiencing difficulty in calling or accessing your case information, you may on those occasions continue to contact our office at 1 (800) 521-2778 or you can always visit the Contact Us page on our local website www.riversidechildsupport.com to locate the direct phone number for your branch office and caseworker. Please notify us when you call if you were unable to successfully use the Customer Connect toll free number.