Interstate Case Initiation Procedures


An interstate case may be referred to our office from either the California Central Registry or another California county. As referrals are received in our mail room, they are date stamped and hand carried to the appropriate team where a worker is assigned.

Upon receipt of the referral, the acknowledgement portion of the Transmittal is completed and sent to the initiating IV-D agency with a copy of the acknowledgement being sent to the California Central Registry.

The referral is reviewed to ensure the documentation necessary to process the request has been received. If all of the required documents have not been provided, the Notice of Significant Case Action form is completed and sent to the initiating state listing the necessary information. The initiating state has 30 days from the date of the letter to provide the information, or the case is closed.

If all the necessary documentation has been provided, the case is opened and the Interstate Notice to Central Registry of Case Action form is sent to the California Central Registry. Our office then determines and initiates the next appropriate action.

Within 75 calendar days of receipt of an interstate referral from the California Central Registry, our office must:

  • Provide location services if requested or needed;
  • Notify the initiating state if additional documentation is needed in order to proceed with the case or request necessary additions, corrections, and/or documentation; and
  • Process the case to the extent possible pending receipt of necessary additions, and/or corrections from the initiating state.