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Riverside County Department of Child Support Services
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Understand the Process

Both parents have the legal duty to provide financial support for their child. The court may order either or both parents to make regular payments to cover a child's living and medical expenses. This periodic payment is called child support. Courts generally require noncustodial parents to pay support based on a percentage of their income and the amount of time each parent cares for the child. A child support order normally will also require a parent to provide health insurance for the child. In addition to child support, the court may order payment of expenses like child care, doctor bills, dental bills, transportation, and other expenses.

Anyone who has a child support order or wishes to establish one may apply for child support enforcement services by completing an application form. After our office receives a completed application for services, the child support process begins. A caseworker will interview the applicant within 10 days and open a case within 20 days. (Parents who receive public assistance, including Medi-Cal, will automatically be referred to our office by the Department of Public Social Services.) Our office will take the following steps to collect support from a noncustodial parent. If you are having a problem with the child support services being provided to you, our office has resources available to help you resolve your inquiries or complaints. Please refer to the Problem Resolution section of this website if you would like to learn more about these free services.

  Understand the Process
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  red dot  Step 1: Open a Case
  red dot  Step 2: Locate
  red dot  Step 3: Establish Paternity
  red dot  Step 4: Establish Order
  red dot  Step 5: Enforce Order
  red dot  Step 6: Collect Support
  red dot  Step 7: Close a Case

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