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Out of Work

Out of Work

Are you out of work? Review this flyer to learn about options that may be available to displaced workers.

One Stop and Displaced Worker's flyers

EDD Bond Program

You may also be interested in watching the REA 2012 Orientation video published by EDD on YouTube, which provides valuable employment related information for job seekers or anyone wishing to further their career and/or change careers.

REA 2012 Orientation Video for Job Seekers

Child Support Modification

If you have experienced an employment related change in income, you may be eligible for a modification of your current child support order. For more information and to request a review and adjustment of your child support order, please select the link below.

Unemployment Modification Program Review and Adjustment

Recently Paroled

If you were recently paroled, please review the links below to learn how the LCSA may be able to help you with your child support case and about Social Security benefits that may be available in order to assist you with a successful re-entry. Please explore the links provided on the Social Security Benefits After Incarceration webpage, which provide additional resources that may be able to assist you with re-entry such as health care and assistance in obtaining sustainable employment.

Child Support Help for Recently Paroled
Social Security Benefits After Incarceration:What You Need to Know

EDD Bond Program

Locate a Workforce Development or One-Stop Center

If you reside in California, but are not in the Riverside County area and would like to locate a Workforce Development Center or One-Stop near you, please select the link below.

Locate a One-Stop Career Center