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Request to Appear by Telephone for a Court Hearing

Request to Appear by Telephone for a Court Hearing
  1. You must use form FL-679 (Instructions) to request a telephone appearance. Contact a family law facilitator, or attorney, should you have any questions.
  2. You must file your request no later than 12 court days before the hearing.
  3. You must serve all parties after it is filed with the court.
  4. Be sure to Include your daytime telephone number and include a self-address envelope with your FL-679 form.
  5. If your hearing is in Riverside, you will receive an approval and confirmation of the hearing times by mail if you included a self-addressed envelope. If your hearing is in Indio, a clerk will contact you by phone and let you know the date and time of your hearing.
  6. Call the day of the hearing and leave a message including your name and phone number: Riverside- 951-955-4520 Indio-760-393-2617(Family Law Option).
  7. You will receive a call back from the DCSS Child Support attorney or representative.