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Odyssey Guide & File Forms Preparation Assistance

By selecting the link below, you will be transferred from the Riverside Department of Child Support Service’s website to an external website, maintained by Tyler Technologies, a private company. Tyler Technologies provides software (Odyssey Guide & File) that guides a user through a series of questions and populates the selected legal forms that may be downloaded and/or printed to be filed with the court. A completed Income and Expense Declaration (I&E) may also be provided to the Riverside Department of Child Support Services.

Tyler Technologies charges fees for use of some of its’ services. However, the company has provided its’ online self-guided questionnaire and form completion at NO COST if and only if the completed form is downloaded or printed. At this time, e-filing services are not available through Odyssey Guide & File in the Riverside Superior Courts so the forms must be printed or downloaded. Please remember to date and sign once printed.

Tyler Technologies is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Riverside Department of Child Support Services. This link is provided as a service to the public.

Please be advised that the programs provided by Odyssey Guide & File software are designed for statewide use and contain general instructions that may vary locally depending on the court where you file your forms. In addition, there may be local forms that are required for filing as well but are not provided in the form sets produced by Odyssey Guide & File. Therefore, prior to filing any forms with the Riverside Superior Court, it is highly recommended that you first review the Local Rules for more specific information and guidance or seek assistance from the Family Law Assistance Center (FLAC). FLAC is available at the Riverside Department of Child Support Services on specified dates and times.

To get started, click on the Link below. Then, click on Start Your Legal Process and select the form you want to complete. For Income and Expense Declarations (I&Es), click on “Next” to navigate through the self-guided questionnaire.

Tyler Technologies Odyssey Guide & File.