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Riverside County Department of Child Support Services
Step 2: Locate the Parent

To obtain a support order, establish paternity, or enforce a support order, our office must know where the noncustodial parent lives and/or works. By providing our office with as much information as possible, the custodial parent can help locate the noncustodial parent and speed up the child support process.

If we determine that we cannot locate the noncustodial parent with the information provided, we will look for additional information within 75 days from the following sources:
  • Employment/unemployment records including the California New Employee Registry,
  • Credit reporting agency records,
  • Social services records,
  • Motor vehicle registration and driver's license records,
  • United States Postal Service,
  • Current and previous employers,
  • Current and previous utility companies,
  • Law enforcement agencies including parole and probation offices,
  • State licensing boards, and
  • Military records.
If the search reveals that the parent has moved to another state, the other state and the Federal Parent Locator Service will be asked to search for the parent. Every state has an agency to enforce child support orders. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) requires that states work together to establish and enforce child support orders from other states to collect both current and past due child support.

Once our office has the current address of the noncustodial parent, we will verify the address and may ask the parent to come to the office for an interview, or notify the parent that legal action is being or may be taken.

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